Bylong Park is located 260 kilometres north of Sydney near Denman in the lower Hunter Valley of NSW. The farm is 340 acres of rich alluvial soil, all of which can be irrigated from the Martindale Creek that runs through the property or from six dams, some of which are spring fed. An intensive pasture improvement program has resulted in a rich diversity of feed comprising of Rhodes grass, phalaris, clover and lucerne. Such well managed high quality pasture, coupled with the farm’s generous paddock proportions of between 7 and 40 acres ensures the nutritional needs of all Bylong Park’s horses, whether they be lactating mares or active growing foals. Surrounded on three sides by imposing sandstone bluffs, Bylong Park enjoys both a scenic outlook and temperate microclimate. A perfect, quiet and peaceful equine environment for horses to stay relaxed, thrive and develop.


The Bylong Park Team

Richard Johnston, who owns Bylong Park has a long held and passionate interest in the breeding and racing industry.

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Farrier Services

Michael “Spook” Neville is a master farrier held in high regard as the go to man to correct problem feet and legs. We use Spook as our exclusive farrier. Spook’s reputation and professionalism is such that he is contracted to both Coolmore and Darley stallion farms. Spook’s ability to assess and implement corrective trim treatment with skill and patience invariably results in a successful outcome even in severe examples. Since Spook has been performing our farrier work Bylong Park have never had to resort to strips as a remedial treatment. An invaluable member of the team, Spook attends the farm regularly and weekly through the foaling season to assess each and every foal as it goes through that initial growth phase when leg issues may present themselves.

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paul_271by320 Paul Englebrecht is another key member of the Bylong Park team. Paul has a rich, organic knowledge of horses, is a highly experienced horseman from a well-known racing family, and is a successful trainer in his own right. Paul has a deep understanding of all aspects of the thoroughbred industry and brings much to the routine operation of the farm.
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Veterinary Care

Bylong Park employs the services of Sam Nugent, one of the partners of Scone Veterinary Hospital as our attending vet. An accommodating and highly capable professional, Sam attends to all the farms veterinary requirements with all Bylong Park’s horses and most visiting mares under contract. Sam and Sarah enjoy a great working relationship and the fact that Sam lives 15 minutes away means any emergency can be dealt with promptly which is a major advantage for the farm.

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Bloodstock Agent

Bylong Park’s success has been achieved in no small part by the considered and careful mating of our resident mares and the acquisition and disposal of others. Through this process we have relied on the advice and services of Brett Howard of Randwick Bloodstock Agency. Brett is a regular visitor to the farm and his knowledge and experience has been of great value not only in the stallion selection but also in the selection and assigning of which particular yearling would be best suited to what particular sale based on type, pedigree or stage of development. As we all know, breeding horses is a black art but Brett’s knowledge of the physical attributes of both the mare and proposed stallions together with any past pedigree compatibility results has been of significant benefit to Bylong Park in our breeding programme.

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 Melb_cup_Section 10Fiorente’s Melbourne Cup Last year Bylong Park played host to Gai Waterhouse and her Melbourne Cup trophy for Fiorente’s gallant win. Gai was on her regular pre- sales inspection visit which she undertakes every year ahead of the major Magic Millions and Easter Inglis sales. Gai visits Bylong Park every year because to quote her “ I come because you guys always seem to come up with a good one.” Fortunately Gai is not the only trainer to appreciate Bylong Park’s reputation as a serious breeder of well educated and prepared yearlings. Bylong Park horses have been purchased or trained by many of Australia’s leading trainers including John O’Shea, Mick Price. Hawkes Racing, Gerald Ryan, Robert Smerdon, Leon Corstens, Tony McEvoy et al.


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